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Being a user of Apple iPhone since it was first released in Jun 2007,  I was amazed at how the iPhone has transformed and shape mobile commerce industry within a short span of 3 years. The iPhone has transformed the smartphone market and also changed the way consumer access the internet via the Mobile platform.

Today, not only do we see the growth in the number of applications on the Apple App Store, other platform and handset providers (e.g. Android, Nokia, Palm Pre, Windows Mobile) are also starting their own version of App Store in order not to miss out on opportunities in the growing mobile commerce.

The travel industry is also starting to explore this trend in mobile commerce with a number of Online Travel Agencies (OTA) offering their iPhone application on the Apple App Store. I had the chance to install a number of them on my iPhone to try it out and am generally impress with the quality and maturity of the the application (WorldMate, Kayak, HotelPal, just to name a few). While many of these providers are US-centric, it is a matter of time before OTA in Asia start offering their own version of iPhone apps.

Just last week, Apple and China Unicom signed a 3 years deal to “officially”  (in fact many consumers in China are already using the iPhone since 2007) introduce the iPhone to China. This is likely to further push the mobile commece in Asia to a new height, as it is predicted that approximately 20% of the iPhone sold globally will be from China – Apple is  also likely to introduce the App Store in China to tap on the vast conumer market.

With the growing interest in mobile commerce, it is no wonder that PhoCusWright is organising webminars as well as conducting research on iPhone and mobile commerce (see the list of Webminiars and research below).


With the prolifereation of mobile commerce, it is definitely exciting to see what the next wave of mobile application would be like and how the mobile commerce infrastructure will change.

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