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We’ve written quite a lot about the Baidu and Google dichotomy in China, for instance how they’re battling it out in Mobile Search.

On this occasion the battle is a bit more mainstream with a great piece from WSJ about the different practices within China between Search heavyweights Baidu and Google. Aside from a slight digression to cover some of the localisation techniques adopted by Chinese sites such as TaoBao and TenCent IM, the article delves into the product range and local implementations of both Baidu and Google within China. The article implies quite strongly that Google is the main innovator while Baidu applies a more functional approach dedicated to the Chinese audience.

But Baidu also is an example of how many Chinese technology companies manage to outfox foreign competitors by tailoring existing technologies to China’s growing and fast-changing market. While that may not earn them respect as global innovators, their understanding of the Chinese consumer has allowed many of them to beat bigger foreign rivals at their own game in China, home to the world’s largest number of Internet users.

Definitely worth a read

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