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Finally!… I just can’t believe it’s taken this long, but it looks like Search is finally catching up with other forms of Online Advertising in Australia.

As a report compiled by PwC (Price WaterHouse Coopers) shows, for the Quarter ending on 30th September 2009 Search Engine Marketing (PPC) has grown while Displays ads have fallen.

As this Digital Media article confirms..

… the expenditure in the general display advertising market fell by 5% quarter on quarter and year on year. With separate Eyeblaster research showing Australians are among the least likely to click on general display advertising in the world, it appears that marketers may be looking to search, which grew by 12%, for more effective campaigns.

This is quite a significant milestone, and Search Engine Marketing is likely to continue making in-roads into Online Advertising as Advertising Agencies and Companies realise and recognise the power of Search in supporting brand campaigns and converting ROI.

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